by | Aug 9, 2018

Visual stress is a very common problem. You do not need to have any power correction for the eyes yet still suffer from visual stress-whether when just reading or using computers or can be in general vision. We carry out ORTHOSCOPICS assessments on the eyes to determine whether there is any visual perception problem. This is done with a series of visual perception plates to see the type of query that somebody might have and followed by various tests on visual tracking and levels of accommodation on the eyes. We then can assess if coloured overlays will assist –though these have some practical limitations as can only work to assist reading when flay against the page.

We have what is known as a READ EYE instrument to measure the exact colour response in the eyes and this will show what precise narrow band filter tint would help correct the visual perception. White light is made up of an equal amount of the 3 primary colours of red, green and blue-but many of us will have a preference for one colour over the others that seems to make reading more comfortable and seem to make the words and even distance quality of vision that much more accurate.

The important thing with this is that we are NOT trying to supply these special tints, we only want to supply if they create a marked improvement-it is just finding out if they do help-but most importantly the patient will know if they make a difference or not . It is not a matter of ‘try this for a couple of months to see if it helps you’-you will know in the assessment if it helps and quite often the difference is quite marked .

The filters though are coloured –and sometimes theses are quite a strong colour-so are not normally worn for general vision-but just for specific close work or computer use.

We see patients from a wide area of the West of England through all of South Wales as we are the only ones who do this assessment in the area. There is also colorimetry done to measure this visual perception problem.

If you feel yourself or perhaps your children are struggling then please do not hesitate to contact me to get some more information or could book in for an assessment at the practice with myself.

Ian Chalmers