Contact Lenses

There are so many different types of contact lenses now available on the market. It is not so much as which is the best available as more that which is best suited to your eyes and how you want to wear them.

We supply a range of Contact Lenses including Acuvue lenses

Introduction To Contact Lenses

For both young and old, the freedom that wearing contact lenses brings whether for full time use or just for sports such as swimming or rugby or any other sport can be life changing.

Modern contact lenses are extremely comfortable and easy to used come in all types of prescriptions.  It only takes a short time to get used to them and the benefits of excellent vision and freedom from spectacles will make you wonder why you waited.

Getting Started

To make your introduction to contact lenses as simple as possible you can have an initial complimentary trial of FREE lenses to discuss and assess which type of lens will best suit you.

These you can then take away with you and use of the following days or weeks.  Before deciding whether you would want to order lenses for yourself. Its as easy and convenient as that.

So book your free trial today by phoning or using our contact form and discover the freedom contact lenses can bring to your life.

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Why Chalmers Opticians For Contact Lenses?

Our Contact lenses are extremely competitive and as an independent company we are free to choose whatever lens on the market that best suits your own requirement.  Chalmers Opticians are continually assessing the best lenses in the market.Even before they are generally available.  To provide you with the latest developments in comfort, vision and convenience.

At Chalmers Opticians we provide clear pricing on all our products and no hidden fees. We offer FREE P&P as standard on all our online orders to provide the simplest system for you.


We order new lenses direct from the supplier

to ensure your lenses have the longest possible lifespan.


We will not substitute lesser quality lenses

to fulfil your order.

The Three Main Types Of Contact Lenses:

Daily Disposable Soft Lenses

There is a wide variety of disposable lenses available, all of which you wear once and then throw away.  They are suitable for the majority of prescriptions, including those with astigmatism.  The great advantage with daily disposable lenses is that you don’t need to bother with a cleaning and disinfecting regime.

Frequent Replacement Lenses

These are a popular and economical option. You wear your lenses during the day then take them out at night to clean and disinfect them. The latest silicone hydrogel materials allow for longer wearing times which saves you money. They can be replaced every two weeks or every month depending on your requirements.

Gas Permeable (Rigid Lenses)

These are made from a rigid plastic material that allows oxygen to pass through to keep your eyes healthy. They are suitable for all prescriptions and because they are rigid they last much longer than soft lenses. Gas permeable lenses are replaced every 12 months-but can often last longer. There are also new semi scleral designs of gas permeable that are larger and hence more stable on the eye to provide better stability and comfort and can be made to most prescriptions.



We are now offering this alternative form of vision correction – where we fit comfortable rigid gas permeable lenses to be worn overnight that are accurately formed to reshape the cornea by flattening it slightly to correct short sightedness.

Then when removed in the morning you can see without needing to wear lenses during the day!

Due to the clever optic design it is also recognised as the best method for ‘myopia control’ where it can reduce the advancement of myopia for younger patients who would seem more at risk of increases in power from the age of 8 upwards.


This is a key topic within the optical profession now. We are aware that myopia is growing worldwide at an alarming rate. In the UK the increase is no different and it is predicted that the levels of myopia will be over 50% of the population by 2050! We are currently around 38%. This in itself just sounds intriguing –but there is a worrying aspect to it as well-because if the degree of myopia also grows, then there will be an increase in myopic health conditions in later life. A lot of research and trials have now been done and we can control this with special lenses to slow the progress-especially for the younger age group.

Special lens options of ORTHOKERATOLOGY or the new MYSIGHT DAILY DISPOSABLE LENSES have proven that we can slow the progress of myopia significantly. There is also research being carried out with the use of certain drugs such as atropine that can have a positive effect in reducing myopia progression. We are one of the only practices in South Wales that have both options of Ortho K and Mysight as options to fit for children and both are easy to wear and can be fitted from the age of 7 onwards. Slowing the rate of myopia supports the long-term health of your child’s eyes. Telephone the practice to speak with Ian Chalmers to find out more.

Find out more about myopia here



This is a condition in the eyes where the cornea progressively thins causing distortion to vision and a steepening conical cornea. This affects one in 450 people and normally puberty age to mid twenties. It can be held and better corrected by speciality rgp lenses or mini-sclerals that contain the change but give a much better visual result. If needed it can be treated by cross-linking and we work closely with ophthalmic consultants to treat where appropriate.

Contact Lens Pricing

Chalmers Opticians aim to make your contact lens pricing clear and easy to understand-whilst also giving you the option of how it is better to purchase for you.

We have our own professional care scheme, called Eyeplan where you pay a monthly direct debit to cover all your contact lens costs(including solutions if necessary) and this provides many separate benefits as well (see our Eyeplan section).

But you can just pay for the professional fees with this and purchase lenses separately when required-more suitable for occasional wearers and daily disposable.

If you are entitled to NHS help-then the voucher you are entitled to after an NHS eye examination can be put towards contact lenses or glasses.

Why choose Acuvue

Monthly payments help to spread the cost without the unexpected expense of having to replace damaged or lost lenses.

Payments can be made by monthly direct debit and all the benefits of eyeplan are included too.

Being an independent practice we are able to supply many different makes of lenses and if you have previously been unsuccessful with lens wear, even with monthly disposables, a different brand of lens may prove to be suitable for you, and we are happy for you to try various alternatives.

Contact Lens Ordering

Don't worry about supplying us with the prescription of your contact lenses.  If you're an existing customer we will be able to check it for you and if there are any queries, we will let you know.

Orders normally take 3-5 working days to be processed. We will always contact you if there are any delays.

If you would like us to post the lenses direct to you then the lenses can be posted direct to your home address given above on this form. If you are paying for supply via our Eyeplan scheme then nothing else is be needed.

If you are not on Eyeplan then we will contact you to advise of cost and can take payment by telephone for you then. 

If you would like to speak to a member of staff to order your contact lenses then please call us on 029 2048 7375

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