Frequently Asked Questions

Am I entitled to a free eye examination through the NHS?
You are entitled to an eye examination paid for by the NHS if:

  • you are under 16 years of age
  • you are under 19 years of age and in full time education
  • you or your partner are getting income support
  • you or your partner are getting family credit
  • you are over 60 years of age
  • you suffer from glaucoma
  • you are over 40 years of age and have a family history of glaucoma
  • you require certain types of complex lenses
  • you are registered as blind or partially sighted
I have astigmatism can I wear contact lenses?
Many people with astigmatism – (irregular shaped eyes) can now be fitted with contact lenses. Gas permeable contact lenses will  correct moderate degrees of astigmatism quite well. In higher degrees of astigmatism special types of lenses called toric lenses can be used.  These can be soft or gas permeable. Soft lenses for astigmatism are now  available in all the different types of disposable from the new silicone hydrogel material to daily disposable and have recently been  significantly increased in the range of powers available in each of
Can I get help towards the cost of glasses?
If you fall into any of the first four categories above you will get help towards the cost of glasses. If you require complex lenses you may get a small allowance.
If I am on a low income or a student but do not qualify in the above groups can I get help?
You can apply for help towards the cost of eyecare by submitting a form AG1 to the DSS. These forms are available at most Opticians, Dentists, Post Offices and Benefit offices.
I have now reached the age where I need seperate glasses for reading. Can I have contact lenses to correct this?
Yes. There are various options of how we can correct ths, but  now we also have the advantage of the latest silicone hydrogel soft
lenses available as a multifocal. These work very easily and create big  advantages over other forms and even spectacles themselves as you can read at any height in front of the eye, which could prove a huge advantage for computer use – please enquire.
Do I need to see my Doctor before I can have an eye examination?
No. All you need to do is make an appointment. You can ring, email us or just call in. We may even be able to see you without an appointment.
Why do my spectacle lenses have to be so thick and heavy?
They don’t! Modern lens materials mean that lenses can be made much thinner and lighter nowadays. Frames can also be lightweight and durable; modern styles are also very neat and ideal for higher prescriptions. For more information check out our lenses page.
How often should I have my eyes examined?
On average about every two years. Certain people may require more frequent examinations. For example diabetics or people who have a family history of glaucoma. Children should also be seen at least every year and in many cases every six months. We will advise you when we would recommend your next appointment, and our computerised recall system will automatically send you a reminder when you are due.
I get very confused when I see all the contact lens care solutions that are available today. How do I know which to use?
As always follow the advise of your Optician, they will be only to pleased to ensure that you are looking after your contact lenses (and your eyes) properly. Never be tempted to cut corners when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting your lenses. Our Contact Lens Replacement Scheme gives you 10% discount on all contact lens solutions as well as low cost replacement lenses and ensures regular contact lens check ups. For more details check out our contact lens page.
If I have any concern about my eyes-like an infection possibility or sudden changes to my comfort or vision in the eyes, what should I do?
Just telephone the practice for an emergency ‘PEARS’ appointment. This is something set up by the Welsh N.H.S. to check on any queries that may arise. We have more appropriate equipment for the eyes than a G.P. and we can decide on whether the query needs to be referred if necessary. All our Optometrists are qualified to carry out these PEARS appointments as well as the Welsh Eye Care Scheme.
Someone in our family has very poor vision and cannot get help with standard spectacle lenses. Is there anythingthat could help them?
Yes, there is. We are part of the Welsh Low Vision Scheme – this is covered by the N.H.S and involves a fuller Low Vision Assessment (that takes about an hour) and we can look to see if one of the many new high technology vision aids may assist a patient.
Can contact lenses be supplied through the N.H.S. voucher scheme?
When you have an N.H.S. eye examination you are entitled to an N.H.S. voucher (if you receive help-see previous questions) and this can be put towards spectacles or contact lenses-but not both. Contact lens aftercare is not covered by the N.H.S. though and so this can be done through our Eyeplan care scheme or paying privately for this.