Eyeplan is an optical programme that will improve the quality of care and value for money that you and your family receive from us.

Eye plan Essentials

Eye plan Contacts

Full Eye plan

Eye plan Essentials

A great way to look after your eyes

Your eye health is important to you and it is important to us. We all know that we only have one pair of eyes and they need to last our whole lives.

Eyeplan Essentials is an eye care package designed to ensure that you get the eye care that is essential to your continued optical health and the time and attention needed from us.

With Eyeplan Essentials you are entitled to your eye examination and any ongoing eye care that you need.

The specific optical care benefits you are entitled to will be explained to you by one of our professionals during your appointment.

Here’s How it works


When you join Eye Plan...

You will pay a small monthly subscription.

Your subscription entitles you to eye care services from us.

You are entitled to visit the practice for eye care whenever you feel that you need it.

In addition to your eye care benefits, we will also separately be able to offer you certain benefits on the purchase of eyewear. Ask us about these.

Eyeplan Contacts

Care for your eyes care about your looks

We all know regular eye care and lens replacement is very important for contact lens wearers. It is essential that ocular health is not compromised through contact lens wear.

Eyeplan Contacts is an eye care package designed to meet your specific eye care needs, whether you are a full or part time contact lens wearer. Eyeplan Contacts helps you manage the cost of both your eye care and your lenses (plus solutions if you need them) through simple monthly payments.

Here’s How it works

You pay a monthly fee of £6.00 per month (or £5.00 for 16 years and under).

  • This fee covers fitting, tuition and all aftercare through the year.
  • Eye care is then available whenever you feel you need it at no additional cost.
  • The cost of your contact lenses (and solutions) can be included in your payments.


  • You may feel you would benefit more from our Full Eyeplan as this also covers all full eye examinations, great discounts on spectacle fames and lenses, plus sunglasses. Full Eyeplan also provides you with our Accidental Damage Cover.

Full Eyeplan

Care for your eyes care about your looks

We all know how important it is to look after our eyes; after all, we only have one pair and they need to last our lifetime.

Full Eyeplan is a comprehensive eye care package designed to provide you with access to the very best of eye care at an affordable price.

Under Full Eyeplan, you are entitled to examinations as frequently as you need or want them. Just ask for an appointment.

What’s more, we can open up a whole new world of innovative designer frames and lenses at excellent prices – as many as you want! Just look around the practice to see the savings!

Here’s How it works

When you join Full Eyeplan you pay a small monthly subscription. This entitles you to full personalised Eyeplan eye examinations, designed to meet your eye care requirements and your lifestyle. This incudes Optical Coherence Tomography (a 3D scan of the retina), visual fields via our Zeiss Humphrey analyser and DNEye scan of the eye – measuring optical aberrations of the eye to create the best optical performance of the lenses and also topography of the cornea.

In addition, you are entitled to eye care as frequently as you require.

We can separately offer you great prices on as many pairs of top quality spectacles and designer sunglasses as you want.

What’s more, any spectacles or sunglasses you buy are automatically covered under the Eyeplan Accidental Damage Scheme.

Your Questions Answered

What are the costs?

Eyeplan Essentials

The eye care benefits that you receive from us will be explained to you by a professional. The monthly subscription will be set by us – please ask, it will be less than you think!

Eyeplan Contacts

Eyeplan Contacts costs just £6.00 per month (or £5.00 for 16 years and under). This covers all your eye care needs while wearing contact lenses.

You can also include the cost of your lenses and solutions as part of your monthly payment. This will vary depending on your lens choice, how often you wear them and your budget.

Payment is by direct debit.

Full Eyeplan

The small monthly subscription you pay depends on your own eye care needs. This is usually £10.00 per month or £8.00 if over 60 years.

Download a full breakdown of costs

When do the benefits start?

You’re registered as soon as your first payment is made – eye care whenever you need it. If you have a problem with vision or your eyes, don’t delay, just have it checked out.

Any benefits we offer on the purchase of spectacles also apply as soon as you join.

Is Eyeplan Essentials suitable for contact lens wearers?
Eyeplan Essentials is for spectacle wearers. Contact lens wearers need a little extra care to maintain their eye health and we have Eyeplan Contacts dedicated to contact lens wearers.