by | Jul 25, 2018

Myopia (short sightedness) is getting progressively worse around the world at an alarming rate. The World Health Organisation are behind all forms of research to see if we can reduce or halt this progression as is not good in the long term if people become higher myopes as the chance of myopic pathology later on in life are that much greater.

Currently the most effective correction is what is known as Orthokeratology. Lenses are specially designed to flatten the shape of the cornea with overnight wear of the newest of rigid gas permeable designs. This provides correction of the myopia up to a certain level(currently around -5.50 dioptres) BUT also has the effect due to its reverse geometry design to bring in the length of the eye to reduce the myopia as this is caused when the eye length has become too long.

You remove the lenses every morning when you wake up leaving you free from wearing lenses or spectacles in the daytime as the lenses are only worn at night. The effect is reversible when you stop wearing the lenses.

This new option is recommended:

  • For children whose myopia is progressing-as research has demonstrated a real positive side effect
  • For people who play sports-especially water sports and contact sports as no lens to loose!
  • For certain professions where contact lens/spectacle wear is not practical
  • For ‘mild ‘ dry eye
  • As an alternative to refractive surgery

There is ongoing research with slow release of certain drugs via a contact lens where this also has the effect of reducing myopia as well as new daily disposable lenses called MYSIGHT that have the myopia control effect.

We have invested in modern topographers to measure accurately the shape of the cornea so that the fitting of theses lenses is as precise as it can be. We would be happy to advise anyone who is interested in this, to guide through any queries they may have