by | Sep 26, 2018

There are thousands upon thousands of different frame styles on the market. The majority though seem fairly similar-so we have tried to resource frame designers from foreign design shows that are far more original and possibly exclusive to ourselves. This year has seen some very new design ideas with models ranging from 3D printed designs that create more texture and rim variations than we have had before (Morgenrot in Germany), as well as mirrored colouring in lightweight plastics that bring a whole new life to the look of frames and vary in colour depending on the angle they are viewed from(Madinitaly). There are quirky designs that just have wonderful combinations of acetate plastic and titanium metal that just are full of character (Locco designs Germany). Eye Society are another company offering great colour variations in fun styling that vary from stripes to bold variations of titanium and acetate that are also extremely light to wear.
These added to quirky frame designers of Tarian in Paris and his father Alain Mikli bring a wide and varied design choice that frames DO NOT have to look the same-yet at the same time are very wearable-i.e. not so wild that you look a freak in them!!!
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