Eye plan is an innovative new optical programme which will radically improve the quality of care and value for money that you and your family receive from your optician.

Care about looking good

We all know how important it is to look after our eyes, after all we only have one pair and they need to last a lifetime. Eyeplan is a comprehensive eyecare package specially designed to provide you with access to the very best eyecare at a readily affordable price.

Under Eyeplan you participate in a personalised eyecare and eye examination programme. In fact you are entitled to FREE examinations as frequently as you need or want them. So if you have a problem just ask to be seen at your convenience.

Whats more, Eyeplan opens up a whole new world of innovative designer frames and lenses at unbeatable Eyeplan prices and as many pairs as you want. Just look around our practice to see the savings.

Here’s How it works


When you joing Eye Plan...

you pay a small monthly subscription which entitles you to free personalised Eyeplan examinations to meet your eyecare requirements for your lifestyle.


Then as a Eyeplan member...

you can buy as many pairs of top quality spectacles and designer shades as you want at the special Eye Plan prices.


The spectacles you buy...

are automatically covered under the Eyeplan accidental damage and repair scheme.


It’s easy to join. Join today and start enjoying the benefits
Ask your Chalmers optician for more details or an application form.

Your Questions Answered

What does Eyeplan cost?

We have now introduced some options to make Eyeplan even more attractive to you.

1) The main option of Eyeplan is the Full Cover Option . This is £10.00 per month and covers all professional fees for full eye examinations and all fitting and aftercare with contact lenses. Contact lenses are then supplied at the ‘internet price’ –which we know is extremely competitive to any on-line supplier! It also provides a 20% discount on all spectacle frames and lenses as well as sunglasses-whether to prescription or not. It provides an Accidental Damage Scheme on your spectacles and is great value when all the benefits are added together. If there is a second member of the family on Eyeplan it is reduced by £1.00 per month for that second member.

2) The second option is Contact Lens Aftercare Cover only. This covers your fitting and aftercare of contact lenses and is only £6.00 per month.This is paid as a Direct Debit or can be paid as a full ‘up front ‘ amount of £60 for the year’s cover. It does not cover the spectacle advantages of the full Eyeplan cover-but may be more suitable if your eye examination and cost of spectacles are part covered by the N.H.S. This does entitle you though to a 10% discount on new spectacles.

3) The final option is our Children’s Contact Lens Aftercare Cover. This is £5.00 per month and is our special reduced rate for children under 16years. The full eye examination is covered by the N.H.S. anyway and following that you are entitled to the N.H.S. voucher towards spectacles or contact lenses. ( As this is a reduced amount it would not be reduced by £1 if as a second member of the family on Eyeplan) We want to look after your eyes in the best possible way to ensure continued health of the eyes and the most comfortable wear of contact lenses-so to provide contact lenses for you we will need you to be on one of the above options.

If there is any query about this then please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff when you come in to the practice. second option is Contact Lens Aftercare Cover only.

When do the benefits start?
You are registered as soon as your first payment is made. We will provide your personal eyecare programme which will guarantee top quality eyecare for life. If you have a problem with vision or your eyes, don’t delay, just go and have it checked
out. You can then buy anything you need from us at the very special low Eyeplan prices.
What is the damage cover all about?
Had an accident with your spectacles? No need to worry – we will look after you! Any spectacles under two years old bought
when you are an Eyeplan member will be repaired or replaced if you damage them accidentally. There is a small excess
charge depending upon the nature of the damage and the age of the spectacles.

To take advantage of this unique package
call us on 029 20487375