Best Comfort Ever?

by | Sep 21, 2018

I always love the comment made by patients when they say that their current set have been the most comfortable pair ever! This is not always the case-but we should take great care in trying to achieve this whenever possible. I know I personally choose on comfort foremost, but still with some interest in the design as well.
Nowadays this should be easier with a few of the companies that we use having bespoke fitted frames –for greater choice on size, design, colour, exact bridge fit, material and more. Companies such as Tom Davies lead the way on this with beautifully crafted materials that are custom made in every way for the patient. Lindberg also supply some of the lightest frame materials and such distinctive designs that are made to order in a wonderful array of colours. When this is coupled with care and precision on the fit and shape correctness for the face then we should be getting those ‘perfect fit’ examples happening more often.
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