by | Apr 30, 2021

Well it has been a strange year! We have been open the whole period, providing emergency eyecare through the first lockdown, but since then able to see all patients, just needing to give priority to emergency cases. We are now open as normal-though needing to provide more protective measures to ensure the safety of staff and patients. We have cleaning procedures and sanitising routines for our frames when tried to ensure you are kept safe. We have full PPE here and request that patients wear a mask when in the practice. Our main difference is needing to book in all our patients for appointments and also for spectacle/contact lens collections-this though we feel has provided a better service in that we know when you will be arriving and have the specs ready in the bag for you.

We have invested in new technology as well to provide an advanced eye examination for you-which includes OCT(3D SCAN OF RETINA), TONOMETRY(EYE PRESSURE), TOPOGRAPHY(EYE CURVATURE), PACHIMETRY(CORNEAL THICKNESS, DNEYE(ABERRATION SCAN) AND FULL VISUAL FIELDS. This provides an extremely thorough check on all aspects of eye health as well as information to provide the most accurate individualised lenses for you. This would now be our recommended examination over the basic NHS test. Remember we have our Eyeplan schemes as well which are now more value than before for you.

We very much look forward to you coming back into the practice, and as our philosophy say provide PERSONAL EYECARE in the best possible way for you