We are the only practice in South Wales that has invested in the latest technology to assess Visual Perception Problems.

Orthoscopics is the assessment to find if a patient suffers from visual perception problems or difficulties. This is carried out by Ian Chalmers and would take approximately 1 hour. It is not covered for by the NHS, and the fee for this is £50.

The assessment is firstly to find out what type of visual perception difficulty someone is having. Next we assess the best colour response for the eyes throught the advanced "read-eye" instrument and then we can proactively provide the perfect filter (coloured lenses or overlays) to match this.These are precise narrow band coloured filters not like standard tints.

Its uses and benefits range from younger patients having difficulty with reading and writing, to dyslexic and dyspraxia. It can also be used to help migraine sufferers and relieve visual stress which can come from numerous causes, especially whilst using a computer for extended periods of time.

We are not trying to "sell" these lenses. We only want people to use the coloured lenses where it is shown that they have visual perception queries and WILL benefit from their use.

If you are lookin for more information do not hesitate to contact Ian Chalmers at the practice or email mail@chalmersopticians.co.uk

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