About our range of Sunglasses

Street cred or ultra violet protection?
Cool on the beach or hot on the piste?
Rock Chick or Houte Couture?

Today with increased leisure time and foreign travel sunglasses are a vital part of eyecare. Modern quality sunglass lenses give
great comfort from glare and visible sunlight and also protect the eyes from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

Different lenses are available for different situations and environments, for example driving, skiing or sports use. Ultra violet protection can also be incorporated into non-tinted lenses. If you wear prescription glasses for driving it is very dangerous to substitute them for non-prescription sunglasses......but we are often shocked by how many people do. Don't take the risk, invest in some prescription sunglasses, there is a such a great choice available.


We offer 20% discount on second pairs of spectacles - including sunglasses (when purchased to the same prescription), so why not

treat yourself to new sunglasses at the same time as new spectacles.
We offer a prescription service for Oakley sunglasses and also stock a range of Oakley ophthalmic eyewear for prescription use.